Vertical Handle Toggle Clamps seires 12050
Vertical Handle Toggle Clamps  seires 12050 Clamp Toggle Clamp Malaysia Johor Bahru JB Supplier | Southern State Sdn. Bhd.

- Cross Ref. : DE-STA-CO Series 202
- Holding Capacity: 200 LBS. (91 kg)
- Weight: 0.38 LBS. (170 g)
- Bar opens 100°, Handle 60°
- Spindle Supplied: GH-FC-14134


Model Number Description  
GH-12050 Fixed Spindle, Flanged Base, Straight Handle  
GH-12050-SS Stainless Steel Model of GH-12050  
GH-12050-U U-Bar, Flanged Base, Straight Handle  
GH-12050-UL Extra Long U-Bar 2.27" (58 mm) Flanged Base, Straight Handle  
GH-12055 Fixed Spindle, Straight Base, Straight Handle  
GH-12060 Solid Bar, Flanged Base, Straight Handle  
GH-12065 Solid Bar, Straight Base, Straight Handle  
GH-12070 Fixed Spindle, Flanged Base, T-Handle  
GH-12075 Fixed Spindle, Straight Base, T-Handle  
GH-12080 Solid Bar, Flanged Base, T-Handle  
GH-12085 Solid Bar, Straight Base, T-Handle  

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